The most improved tyer at the end of the winter session will be awarded the Ray Brackley Quaich at the AGM (see below). This award is kept by the winner for one year and returned to the Committee at the end of that period. The liquid prize is best consumed prior to return of the “cup” .

Ray Brackley Quaich

This prize is awarded to the most improved fly tyer in the Fly Tying classes each winter. The winner is announced at the AGM at the start of the season and comprises a silver”cup” and small bottle of liquid contents. The winner’s name is inscribed on the side of the ornament.

Previous winners include:

2003  P Chambers

2004  John Sawtell

2005  Colin Pointer

2006 Not awarded

2007 David Taylor

2008 Andreas Topinizis

2009 Not awarded

2010 Lee Gallant

2011 Sean Doyle

2012 Peter Hartt

2013 Gill Graham

2014 Bill Green

2015 Tim Neal

2016 George Novell

2017 John Graham

2018 Tony Swain

2019 Jean Howman

2020 Not awarded

2021 Mike Denny