Part of the series of ReadMARK&Learn. This page (kindly created by John Sawtell) is part of a set of pages designed to aid the fly tier in building the skills for their tying, the tools  and how to use them plus jargon busting. Fly Dressing is a vast subject, offering interested people a fascinating hobby, which can be quite daunting for the beginner. For further details or to suggest additional content; please send an email to

Most materials are sourced via Fishing shops, but most fly tyers are an inventive bunch and may buy their materials from a wide variety of sources. Some sources are not exactly obvious as for fly tying materials:-

  • Craft shops are an obvious choice for silks, threads and materials (artificial or natural)
  • Many High Street shops will sell crafty items
  • Hair accessory shops, (flashy material suitable for winging)
  • Hair salons for scissors and bleaching agents (for dyeing etc.)
  • Garden Centres with craft sections are also a good source
  • Florist shops (wires)
  • Charity shops for beads and necklaces, often at a reasonable price (Occasional Chadwicks packets may be found)
  • Craft fairs
  • Jumble sales
  • Farm fields for sheep’s wool, horse hair, cow hair
  • Sweet wrappers, crisp packet wrappers, cereal packets etc. (e.g. plastic or foil packets)
  • Fruit and vegetable (string) carriers
  • Pet grooming stations in Pet supermarkets for animal hair and fur- There are hygiene issues here
  • Animal hair (cat, dog, rabbit, budgerigars, children’s toys!)
  • Combings from carpet edges
  • Frayed woolly jumpers
  • Ladies hats (ensure owner not wearing at the time!)
  • There are other sources where craft items may be found, including any shop where food or craft items can be bought.

This list is only limited by the tyer’s imagination and resourcefulness.