This section is designed to aid the fly tyer in sourcing materials for their tying, other than from recognised suppliers.

Most materials are sourced via Fishing shops, but most fly tyers are an inventive bunch and may buy their materials from a wide variety of sources. Some sources are not exactly obvious as for fly tying materials.

  • Craft shops are an obvious choice for silks, threads and materials (artificial or natural).
  • Many High Street shops will sell crafty items.
  • Garden Centers with craft sections are also a good source
  • Florist shops (wires)
  • Charity shops for beads and necklaces, often at a reasonable price
  • Craft fairs
  • Sweet wrappers, crisp packet wrappers,cereal packets etc (e.g. plastic or foil packets).
  • Pet’s hair and fur (check with owner first and pet!) There are hygiene issues here
  • Combings from carpet edges
  • There are other sources where craft items may be found and this list will be updated when the author has found them…….

If any other members know of other sources, then please let me know