Privacy Notice

Surrey Fly Dressers (the ‘Branch’) is a data controller as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation or the UK Data Protection Act 2018, as relevant, and this notice tells you about the information that we collect from you, why we collect it, and with whom we might share it.

What information do we collect from you?
When you join the Branch, we will ask you to complete a form with your name and contact details, including your address, email address, and telephone number(s). As you will be a member of the main Fly Dressers’ Guild (‘FDG’) we will ask for your membership number.

Why do we collect this information?
Your name and contact details are required to enrol you as a member of the Branch and send you information about activities organised for our members either by the Branch or the FDG.

Who might we share this information with?
We will share your name and address with the FDG Membership Secretary to confirm that you are a member of the FDG and that your membership is up to date. This is required to comply with the FDG’s Third Party Liability Insurance, protecting Branch Members and Officers from claims. Membership of the FDG is mandatory to be a member of the Surrey Fly Dressers. The FDG will not be allowed to use your details for any other purpose, and we will not disclose your information to any other parties unless this is required by UK law.

What do we do with your information?
The information that you have provided to the Branch will be held and processed securely by the Branch, and will only be accessed by authorised officers. We will only use the information that you have provided for the purpose of your membership of the Branch, and will not use it for any other purpose. Your name and contact details will not be shared with the membership of the Branch.

How long do we keep hold of your information?
The Branch will keep hold of your information for as long as you keep your membership of the Branch, and for up to two years after you have ceased to pay your subscription (due yearly on 1st September).

How can I obtain a copy of the information that you hold about me, or ask for my details to be either amended or removed?
E-mail the Secretary at with your request, remembering to include your full name, address and FDG Membership number. The Secretary will reply to you to confirm that this action has been taken.

How does this affect the Annual Membership Renewal process?
Each year, when your Branch membership becomes renewable, you will be asked to confirm that your details are correct and that you consent to the information being retained by the Branch Officers. The new law requires a clear affirmative action from Members to establish the basis for consent. We will seek this annually as part of the annual membership renewal process.
If your contact details change during the year, the Branch Secretary must be informed by in writing or by email as soon they occur. If you wish to resign your membership, you must do so in writing or by email to the Branch Secretary. The protocol adopted by the Branch is that upon receipt of a request to resign, your details (both paper and digital) will be deleted and destroyed. The Secretary will reply to your resignation request to confirm that this action has been taken.

15th May 2018