In the absence of a Fisheries Committee member, some members take it upon themselves to organise fishing outings to nearby fisheries, with other members and fishing friends. In previous years a small group have been Carp Fly fishing at a nearby Coarse fishing complex. We start in mid summer (when the hot weather makes it difficult for trout fishing) and fish through to early autumn. Due to the Coronavirus sweeping the UK, the Carp outings for Summer 2020 were cancelled.

As far as I understand, during Summer 2021, there were at least two Carp groups fishing at Willinghurst; One lot comprising mostly Surrey Branch members (Expert Group) and the other lot comprising Surrey Branch members and non-FDG friends (Select Group).

However, during the summer, the Select group ( SFDG and non-FDG friends) met several times at Willinghurst fishery. The numbers attending varied from three to five of us and on each occasion someone was fortunate to catch a large carp. There were a few missed rises and frustrating mutterings from some fishermen but by the final outing (early October) one of the Group managed to catch 10 (yes TEN Carp!!) The remaining three of us caught ones and twos.

So, what we learnt from our outings:

  • The fish appear to be getting wise to surface baits
  • Feed ‘little and often’ with dog biscuits catapulted low over the water to avoid alerting the ducks
  • feed the ducks a long way from where you intend to fish (opposite side of the lake)
  • One of the Group commented that he was surprised that the ducks were still able to fly, after consuming so many dog biscuits
  • Arrive at the fishery early (0800) to get the preferred swims, or alternatively fish swims that have been vacated by earlier fishers who leave by the time you plan to start (the latter is much the easiest to enjoy)
  • The author has discovered two ‘new’ carp patterns. One is a FM pattern (either called a Tango or Disco) and the other consists of Foam and Felt (access dressing via internet)
  • The author has also discovered that Carp will take a slow sinking ‘Latex Grub’ type of bait

Since writing this article long after we were fishing for Carp, I have been turning my attention to Pike. The Select Willinghurst Group will be convening early in 2022 hopefully at another local mixed fish venue. Some will be using Fly and others dead-baiting or spinning. So any member who wants to try something different in the winter months, please contact me via the Secretary or Committee.

There are a couple of day ticket venues locally in Surrey which allow Pike Fly fishing.

Any FDG Member interested, is welcome to contact me (via Committee). Of course social distancing will still need to be practised and the netting of one’s own fish.

Normal rules for Pike fishing include the use of a large net*and a weighing mat**. A protective set of gloves**, hook removing pliers** and a large set of weighing scales are also useful!

*The particular venue suggests a 42″ net.

**These items may be mandatory in some fisheries.