Our Chairman (FDG Secretary) has found the Minutes of the first meeting of the Surrey Branch. He found them in some old Flydresser’s Guild newsletters and has typed them EXACTLY as they were written, with punctuation and numbers as shown.

“Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Flydressers Guild

(Surrey Branch) held at the Drift Golf and Leisure club at 7.30 p.m. on

Thursday 12th January 1978

Address by John Goddard

John Goddard welcomed those attending the meeting and proposed the formation of a Surrey Branch of the Flydressers Guild. He then took the chair pending an election of Committee Members later in the meeting.

3. Formation of Branch

The Acting Chairman put to the meeting the proposal to form a Surrey Branch of the Guild. The meeting was unanimous in its support.

4. Address by Mr. D. Ragland

Mr Ragland, a Director of the Drift Gold and Leisure Club then addressed the meeting, welcoming those present and explaining the facilities.

The acting Chairman thanked Mr. Ragland for his address

5. Club headquarters

It was proposed that the Drift golf and Leisure Club be adopted as the Surrey Branch headquarters. The proposal was unanimously agreed.

6. Date of Meetings

After discussion it appeared that Wednesday evening was the most suitable day for meetings. By popular vote it was agreed that future meetings would be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30p.m. commencing on the 8th February. 1978.

7. Frequency of meetings

It was generally agreed that meetings would be restricted to the close season with special evenings to be arranged between April and September by a Committee yet to be appointed.

8. Meetings for February, March and April

As the Guild had only just been conceived it was agreed by general assent that the next three meetings would be as follows:-

February – Slides and Lecture by john Goddard

March – Fly Dressing Clinic attended by experts

April – Talk and Films by John Veniard

For the meeting in March , the Committee be instructed to request the attendance of Flydressing Professionals as follows:- D.Collyer, S.Cadman of Benwood’s, F.Rice, C.Henry and B.Harris

11. Election of Committee

After discussion the following Members were proposed and seconded by those attending to Committee positions as follows :-

Chairman D.J. collyer

Vice Chairman To be appointed by the Committee

Hon Secretary M.G.King

Committee Members:- J.Goddard, L.Kershaw, B.Jarvis, M.Elliot, F.Rice”

We would like to hear from any member who remembers the early meetings of the BRANCH, to learn of their experiences so that a History of the Branch could be available to others.