Renewals / Subscriptions have changed slightly for 2019-2020.

  • All Current members should have received a reminder from the Treasurer that subscriptions for 2019-2020 are due soon.
  • The Branch has decided to revert to our earlier practice of collecting both the Branch and Guild subscriptions at the same time.
  • A new Standing Order Mandate and covering letter detailing the change has been sent out to all members.
  • If any member is in doubt about the procedure to be followed, please contact the Treasurer via the details shown on the HOME PAGE (About Us).
  • just to refresh the details:
    • Surrey Branch – £25
    • Guild – £20 (if paid by 1st September £17)

Thank you.



(Member renewals 2018-19

Previous instructions for last year. Now superceded by 2019-2020 Instructions above.

Renewals/Subscriptions for the season 2018-19
Many of our members, did not reply to the email, about keeping records.
Everyone was flooded with emails, about the changes related to the holding of personal information.
Many either ignored emails related to GDPR or had them sent to the ‘SPAM’ box automatically.
However, the end result is, we don’t have your details if you did not reply.
So, if you haven’t been sent a subscription reminder for this coming season, it is because we no longer have your details.
The subs have not changed (they remain £25.00/person) but, we no longer collect FDG subscriptions, on their behalf.
So, if you have a Standing Order, it may need changing
You will need, to contact me on email, about the above. –