A pattern from Greg Newey of a favourite damsel fly nymph

Greg Newey’s Olive Green Glass Eyed Damsel

Greg fishes a small stillwater near his home which is quite deep at one end and slopes up to less than 3 feet at the shallow end. The lake has a large population of damsel flies and this pattern has proved both effective and resilient , taking 9 fish on its last outing before one of the eyes got bitten off.

Greg says this fly is most effective when the fish are up in the water.

Olive Green Glass Eyed Damsel

  • Hook :- Kamasan B175 size 12
  • Thread :- Uni Black 8.0
  • Eyes:- Veniard Olive Green Glass Eyes – small
  • Rib:- Very fine gold wire (4 turns)
  • Body:- Hends Hare Plus Dubbing Olive (code HZP 26)
  • Tail:- Olive Marabou

Give it a try once lockdown ends and let us know how you get on. Pictured below are Greg’s original and two more versions by Chris Reeves using different body materials

Greg’s Original

Chris Reeve’s Version 1

Chris Reeve’s Version 2