Fly tying classes Autumn 2021

The classes will re-commence in Byfleet Village Hall in September. The Instructor is Chris Reeves.

The hall is booked from 7.30 to 9.30 and this will include our setting up time. The Instructor will try and arrange the tables to give adequate safe spacing but if anyone is social distancing for shielding reasons and would like extra space please let him know. Masks are optional.  Tea and coffee will be provided. Fees remain at £5 for FDG members and £10 for 2 visits for non members. The Instructor will bring along the revised risk assessment on Monday and ask all of you to sign it one time only. We will start off with a couple of simple flies to get your fingers working again. Hooks and materials will be provided. 

The dates are as follows:

September: 6, 20, 27

October: 4, 18, 25.

November: 1, 15, 22, 29

December: 6, 20, 27

Winter/Spring 2022

January: 3, 17, 24

February: 7, 21, 28

March: 7, 21,28

April:7, 18, 25

Patterns suggested for Trout earlier this season.

A bloodworm pattern for deep lying Trout

These are two patterns that I regularly use to catch Trout in small to medium lakes. The fish that I catch in a larger lake often have many bloodworm larvae in their stomachs. I do not practise Catch and Release on this lake, hence cannot put a figure on how many fish the patterns catch at any one time. However, they do catch their far share.

Both patterns have been adapted from other patterns, the bead version from one of John Smith’s patterns and the smooth body version from elsewhere. I have just ‘tweaked’ them a bit to add a little more fishability, according to my taste.

The third Bloodworm pattern is Shipmans, tied according to the description in The Fly-Tying Bible (Peter Gathercole).

The patterns were photographed (by Chris Reeves) in Ultra violet (UV) light (dark background) and normal light (grey background). After I tied them, I shone a UV light on them to see how they looked and was surprised to see that some parts of the dressings fluoresced. My tying may not win any competitions, but they certainly caught their faire share of fish for myself and friends!

Smooth bodied version

  • Hook: B100N,(#14) (any shaped hook will suffice, provided in correct size)
  • Bead: Black seed bead (~1mm)
  • Thread: 1) (for bead only) UNI Black 6/0 : 2) (for body+ rest) UNI Fire-Orange 8/0
  • Body: Antron fluorescent red (separate into half the strand for easier wrapping)
  • Tail: red dyed rabbit tail
  • Sealing: Bug Bond (or similar UV resin) over body only. Hard as Nails nylon varnish does not seal as well.

Bead Version


  • Hook: B100N (14) (any shaped hook will suffice, provided in correct size)
  • Threads – Eye – Sheer Black 14/0 : Body – UNI Fire-Orange 8/0
  • Body: 4x red sead beads (1-2mm)
  • Head: 1x Matte Metallic silver (Black would be suitable)
  • Tail: Red dyed rabbit tail

I have specific details how I dress this fly should anyone want them.

Shipmans version

  • Hook: B170 (#10,12)
  • Thread: VEEVUS B08 Brown, Sheer 14/0 Black, Sheer 14/0 Red
  • Breathers: Antron body wool – white
  • Body: SLF Red + red ‘polybody’ (artificial fur) (1:1)
  • Rib: Pearl tinsel (UTC) Medium ice blue pearl (#10)

I tied the front breathers as a loop and then cut and trimmed to length. This makes the head breathers thicker. I also treat the breathers at both ends with Watershed to keep the fly close to the surface.


A pattern from Greg Newey of a favourite damsel fly nymph

Greg Newey’s Olive Green Glass Eyed Damsel

Greg fishes a small stillwater near his home which is quite deep at one end and slopes up to less than 3 feet at the shallow end. The lake has a large population of damsel flies and this pattern has proved both effective and resilient , taking 9 fish on its last outing before one of the eyes got bitten off.

Greg says this fly is most effective when the fish are up in the water.

Olive Green Glass Eyed Damsel

  • Hook :- Kamasan B175 size 12
  • Thread :- Uni Black 8.0
  • Eyes:- Veniard Olive Green Glass Eyes – small
  • Rib:- Very fine gold wire (4 turns)
  • Body:- Hends Hare Plus Dubbing Olive (code HZP 26)
  • Tail:- Olive Marabou

Give it a try once lockdown ends and let us know how you get on. Pictured below are Greg’s original and two more versions by Chris Reeves using different body materials

Greg’s Original

Chris Reeve’s Version 1

Chris Reeve’s Version 2