In early 2013, we introduced the idea of a bi-annual fly swap.  This is how it works typically (although variations may be introduced by the leader!):
  • Each swap will have a theme and a cut off date.
  • If you’re interested, sign up for that swap.
  • Once the final number of participants is known (maximum for each swap will usually be 10), you will be asked to tie that number of identical flies, plus 2 extras which will be auctioned, raffled or sold on behalf of the Branch.  So for example: if 8 members sign up, then you tie 10 flies of the same pattern.
  • Each swap will have a leader and you should ensure your flies reach the leader by the stated date.
  • The leader will then divide the flies and return them to each participant so that you will receive a full set of the different flies.
We hope to photograph the flies and publish them on the website. If you wish to organise a swap, please speak to the Chairman at a meeting or send an email to