Unfortunately, this section cannot be updated, as these pages are accessible to non-members and it is hoped that such will join the Guild so that they can read the Fly Dresser to gain News etc.

This section is intended to supplement articles and News that are included in the current edition of Fly Dresser, the quarterly journal of the Fly Dresser’s Guild. For copyright reasons, the exact wording will not be copied, but a general flavour given here.

Autumn 2018

The usual high standard , included several articles on fly patterns, a report on the Spring Bank fishing competition, a reminder of subscriptions and reminder of dates for events in 2019.

For those intending to enter the annual FDG Fly tying competition, an amendment to the Dry Fly section.

There is an interesting article on a leggy fly that looks (to me) like a cross between a Viva and Montana nymph and a welcome trawl into the archives of one of Richard Walkers fly patterns.

Also, there is a good visual description of one of the FDG Bronze Accreditation patterns (The Soldier Palmer) and a useful devilish nymph for deep water fishing.

Finally, (in the Editorial) a plea for articles for the magazine.

Winter 2018

Details from the Executive Committee officers’ AGM  reports.

Dates of FDG events for 2019, with a long weekend in March.

Two interesting patterns that look slightly similar to each other, albeit with Grizzle feathers and a minnow pattern. Another good visual description of one of the FDG  Accreditation patterns, this time Silver (Klinkhamer).

A rather dubious article on Squirmy worm pattern (although I do like this adaptation, but to this author there seems to be an obvious flaw!).

Some interesting Salmon patterns tied in a specific style slightly miminimalist in design.

A fascinating article on dubbing, which I have yet to finish, but looks very readable and this author shares a similar view to the Article author is sourcing unusual materials.

Finally, the contact details of FDG Officers including suppliers who offer discount to members.